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Hi, I'm Wayne Gillikin, owner of Proteus Yacht Services and PYS Electronics.  We provide the finest in Marine Electronics and a braod range of other boating products.  I want you to know that when you do business here you are dealing directly with me. I have been sailing for over 40 years and have the scars to prove it (See future blog posts). After having been in the software and high-tech field since 1976, I am now "retired" into a business more aligned with my passion. I'm doing this because I love it and not, lord knows, to get rich. That's the beauty of retirement, you get to do what you love.

My promise to you is that I will do whatever I can to help. Whether it's answering questions, helping to choose the right products, talking through various upgrade strategies, or just talking boats. 

My prices are fair and among the lowest on the web, shipping is usually next day, and the service is personal. Have a question? Have a problem? Email or call me.